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 * du.h: the function which actually performs the disk scan.

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>

 * Function called to report a file or directory, its size and its
 * last-access time.
 * Returns non-zero if recursion should proceed into this file's
 * contents (if it's a directory); zero if it should not. If the
 * file isn't a directory, the return value is ignored.
typedef int (*gotdata_fn_t)(void *ctx,
                      const char *pathname,
                      const STRUCT_STAT *st);

 * Function called to report an error during scanning. The ctx is
 * the same one passed to gotdata_fn_t.
typedef void (*err_fn_t)(void *vctx, const char *fmt, ...);

 * Recursively scan a directory tree and report every
 * space-consuming item in it to gotdata().
void du(const char *path, gotdata_fn_t gotdata, err_fn_t err,
      void *gotdata_ctx);

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